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Here I Am.

Here I Am. 28 years old, from Rome, creative.   Ever since I was young, I have been carefully analyzing reality from a more emotional perspective.   Lover of beauty intended as a look towards the common and everyday aspects of life, sometimes perceived as simple.   The book is perhaps born from the need to understand if there is a meaning, even new, behind what a person looks at, and if it is possible to change it by just looking at it.   Through my poems I try to give this horizon. I started writing by chance: can it all be just a coincidence or may it be there is an underlying reason behind it?     Who knows …

I decided to complete the work “Rime a Sorpresa” – which unexpectedly surprised me, and I hope it will surprise you too! – right after a period in which everything around me seemed a bit grayish, due to a series of unfortunate events that there’s no need to write about. I started to write by chance, without a given identity, nor a defined strategy. It just happened, only perhaps thanks an extravagant intuition, a magical mechanism of attraction that selected me and brought out my artistic vein, almost suddenly. I was even dysgraphic and would never have thought of writing in my life.